Raw Milk Benefits In Your Coffee

Raw milk benefits our gut bacteria which heals and supports our health by healing and cleaning  one’s intestines.  This means better health and life.

How to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Raw Dairy in Your Coffee

Since we added raw dairy to our diet, I’ve noticed the differences in the kids, Ben and myself.  Now that it’s fall, we’re enjoying hot drinks which means I have to pay attention or I’ll lose those raw milk benefits.

With a hot drink comes a moment of mindfulness to be patient and bring the water to the proper temperature before pouring it over the leaves or grounds.  It forces me to slow down too for just a moment and that simply does wonders in forcing me to take a moment for myself which I’ve found I need as I’m loosing my mind.  🙂

This summer, at The Savvy Bloggers Summit, I discovered cold coffee (I thought it was a caramel chocolate milk drink.) and oh.momma!  It’s caffinatingly delicious!  I’m a bit addicted now so some days I’m like “I’ll add raw cream AFTER I get a drink of coffee and scald the roof of my mouth and the top 2 layers of taste buds off all while doing  the ‘ow!burns!ow!’ dance.  Normally, I’m a mellow tea drinker as tea is easy for me.  During the summer I make sun teas and once the fire’s lit for fall I leave the kettle on the hearth and the fire warms the water and the room.  Oh yeah.  Fire heated tea.  It IS as tasty and romantic as it sounds. 😉  This is better for me as I’m well…a bit hyper.  I know..you’re shocked.

In order to get the raw milk benefits your drink or foods they should be cool enough so you do not burn your lips.

If it burns you…it’ll pasteurize/kill/slaughter the healthy bacteria and your raw milk benefits are now simply pasteurized milk.  I’ve found a touch to my lips tells me if I can add my raw dairy (raw milk, raw cream, raw butter) or even my raw eggs.  So make like Goldilocks and check that it’s ‘juuuust right.’

I’ve been picking up some fair trade coffee but mostly Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.  I’ve a french press for coffee which I also use to make big batches of tea for the kids in the morning to which I’ll normally add raw cream for extra good fats.  I’ve been getting my new teas from a local company called Miami Valley Spice Traders.  Their slogan is “because life’s too short for grocery store spice.”  They’ve teas, spices, sugars, and oils.  They also have spice mixes and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a few of the meals we’ve made using their stuff.  They’re GAPS, gluten free, blah,blah, blah educated!  They’re also online so you can order fresh tea no matter where you live.

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  1. Neuhart says:

    Wow, thanks very much for posting this! It is gonna help me when I order Coffee online! Very Marvelous!

  2. I’ve been so curious about raw milk but have never tried it! Maybe I’ll turn the corner and give it a go!

    • Raw milk is all we use! 😉 I think you’ll love raw milk Kay. Holler back when you try it and let me know! ~ Honey

  3. I’m going to have to look at the milk in my fridge again. I don’t know if it’s raw. But I know it’s organic and perhaps minimally pasteurized? We normally buy the regular stuff at the store but there is this local milk sold at one store. We get it once in a while and it’s a real treat. The best milk I’ve ever had and it comes in a glass bottle! #BYB100

    • If it’s been pasturized it won’t be raw. 🙁 But there’s still health benefits to milk that while pasturized is #organic…but…you want to go with organic AND raw cause it’s the best! 😉 Oh yeah…there’s a difference in taste too between glass and plastic so I agree 1000% with you. I will say go with that local milk too and help keep your dollars in your community. I’m a big buy local kind of gal as if everyone did that we could save on costs, fossil fuels and all while supporting our environment.
      <3 this comment Holly! 😉


  4. This post really interested me -I looked into raw milk a while ago but couldn’t find anyone local that sells it. I’m not sure you are allowed to sell it in Canada, but I could be wrong too! What sort of benefits are you getting from it? Curious!

    • Hey Maria! Raw dairy provides a lot of benefits! One, with raw dairy I don’t have reactions to milk. I can enjoy milk, cheese, etc. Conventional dairy (pasteurized) makes me and the kids all ill with stomach issues. Two, our immune system is building. We’ve had some healing crisis’ but we’re not getting colds. I think we are healing all around. Three, I’m seeing my son thin down. He has been worrying me with his weight and my husband’s family are bigger people…tall and overweight. I didn’t want him to have the health issues that come with being overweight so it’s exciting to see he’s thinning down. Four, I don’t eat like I should. I get busy and I don’t think to eat. I noticed a glass of milk really helps so I’m getting some calories through the day and not doing a feast or famine approach and eating a huge meal late at night because I’m starving and suddenly not busy. I haven’t noticed a difference in my weight since we added raw dairy and went from being vegan. I did gain a few lbs when we first started but it dropped right back off after a few weeks. Sorry I saw this so late! 🙂 Hope that helps. Raw dairy is AWESOME. It cultures the gut…does great things. Helps with vitamin absorption… We LOVE it! 🙂 ~Honey

  5. Alyshia says:

    Honestly this is the first I have heard of raw milk, I know I am living under a rock, but I learned a lot from this post thanks for sharing.

  6. We’ve been looking into the benefits of raw milk recently too. Just wish it was easier to source in the UK.

    • Och! Hard to source raw milk…there goes my move to the UK! 😉 I LOVE my raw milk. Our dairy farmer’s our families BESTEST friend…I don’t know if she knows that! 😉 But, the flavor of raw milk and butter and cream and yogurt…. oh momma!! 😉 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to return to veganism as long as I’ve access to raw dairy. 🙂


  7. Great post — I don’t like hot drinks — because I always get burned 🙂 But I loooove my raw milk — so blessed to get it just down the road!!

    • Have you tried the electric kettles? My girlfriends in college used them as they were Japanese and ALWAYS had tea water. I never noticed it being BURING hot like what I get from boiling water on the stove. The hearth makes AWESOME water for hot drinks. I recommend it over the electric kettle. 😉 ~Honey

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