Pirates, Parties, Playdough and Play! And other Pirate Posts!

Today, September 19th, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  That means we’ve mutiny afoot, scalawags aplenty and Davy Jones Locker is visited by many. Pirate Parties, Playdough and Play Compilation Post

A few weeks ago we learned about Pirates from the New World Explorers lapbook from Homeschool In The Woods.  We’ll be playing with those materials again and checking if our knot making skills are still strong.  We’ll play Pirate Panapoly which has you dressing a pirate in proper wear.  The kids have to answer a question surrounding explorers and/or ocean vocabulary, math, science and/or maps in order to add a piece.  It’s easy to do and there are TONS of ways you can use the games even after the lapbook, notebook and such are made.

We’ll also be talking like a pirate and we even dress like them too.  Tyler, 14, even gets in on it and wears a Jack Sparrow wig but I think it’s just cause he wants to wear a sword at the table.    We normally eat hardtack (biscuits baked longer) and I throw in some(alot) of fennel seed to the bread to represent the weevils.  It’s totally disgusting and licorice like but they like it.  This year we’re skipping it as we’re on GAPS.

I’m pulling out the downloads I made to go with their lapbooks ’cause it’s been long enough I doubt they remember how to make it through the maze.  Oh yes…if you haven’t…go download it.  It’ll keep the kids entertained and out of your hair for a good bit.  Rhea said her eyes started crossing on the one maze.  mwahahahaha!  I guess it should be mwarararar! huh? Puzzle Pack Printable

I HIGHLY recommend grabbing Homeschool in the Woods New World Explorers.  There are TONS of pirate info and fun to be had.  And, in the meantime…check out these great Pirate posts from other bloggers by simply clicking the image.  And, please give them love by pinning from THEIR site  not mine.  These are their works I’ve used with permission.

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Pirate Party from Suburble (check out the loot bags post too!)

Pirate Valentines from Life by Ashley Pichea

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pirate party

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Pirate Playdough from How We Learn At Home

Buccaneer Hat & Pirate Eye Patch Craft from Naturally Educational

So Arm yerself ye Scurvy Dog and take to the seas!



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  1. Always loved Talk like a Pirate Day! Mine enjoyed a few pirate books that day, but I think next year I will have to do a pirate lunch! Love you cannon balls!

  2. It looks like you had a great day! We’ve had lots of pirate fun this year, too! Here’s to next year!

  3. Love your pirate ideas! Homeschool in the Woods looks amazing. We will have to buy some of their materials. Thanks for this neat pirate-y post. Looks like fun was had by all! 🙂

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