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I posted today at My Joy Filled Life.  It’s called

N is for Nature.”

N is for Nature by Honey of Honey's Life

My guest post is about encouraging you and your family to get outside, learn, grow, be active and connect with nature.  I’ve noticed in myself a hunger to reconnect with nature as I age and I’m seeing my kids are benefiting as is my backside. 🙂  My kids have always been outside playing and communing with nature, but there’s something that was missing when I was missing.  I think they need to see the more “fun and free” side of me more often.  I’m always busy and rushing and working.  And, I think my rushing affects them.

Last night I sat for 2 hours, holding and petting one of our rabbits.  I’ve mosquito bites which reminds me I need to order coconut oil,  (Coconut oil on your skin keeps mosquitos away, it’s chemical free AND feeds your skin.) but it was so peaceful to set there, the sounds of the dogs patrolling, the rustle of the chickens and the sound of the crickets and other night things.  I could feel the breeze blowing and simply sat there while the lightning bugs danced looking for their mate.

Check it out and if you missed yesterday’s post the ‘Nature Scavenger Hunt List‘ is still available.  The two go very well together in my opion as they’re both about getting the kids, and you, outside experiencing  nature.  Remember, the joys of your childhood and share that with them…and yourself.  No one ever said there was an age limit on cuddling a fuzzy bunny.



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Organic since it was a dirty hippie word is an easy way to understand me. With 3 kiddos (7, 14, and 16) and one bearded hubby I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, rabbits and Great Pyrenees livestock guardians on our organically ran mini farm in Ohio. A bull calf and heritage breed pigs have recently been added, along with an impending move into our less than 600 sq ft tiny home that's more and more off grid with each solar panel we buy.

Homeschooling, green living, self-sufficiency and natural parenting (but with yelling) is the norm here. Any skipping through the tulips tends to end with a face plant in chicken or duck poo but being a "glass half full" kind of gal I can smile 'cause the poo is organic and non-gmo! Stop by and see more at HoneysLife.com


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