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Homeschool In The Woods has an amazing setup for homeschool history.  Study resources ABOUND in their materials and you can win your own New World Explorers History program!  I LOVE their goodies.  They’re like a decadent ooey, gooey desert and you can eat it without any consequences.  Hush, we’re back on GAPS and I’m craving some today. 😉  You can read my review too for further details.

Win a New World Explorers Notebooking and Lapbooking CD at

Anyways!  Homeschool In The Woods materials are basically a homeschool cirrcumlum over history minus the boring & dry.  These are hands on materials people.  I’m talking making a pirate boat, baking hardtack, creating dioramas, declaring a time when you do nothing but Talk Like a Pirate and say words like Thar She Blows, Scallywag, and you hold your pointer finger like you’ve a hook for a hand.  Yes, I see we have pirate issues in my home now.

But, there’s other learning all the different maps and seeing how all these people traveled, where they “passed” one another, where they should have turned to find something different.  It gets you and the kids to thinking about how brave you’d have to be.  After all….there were sea monsters out there!  I have a hard enough time figuring out N,S,E,W amongst landmarks I can’t imagine it surrounded by a sea of blue.

We also talked about how exploring all these foods from new worlds would have been so exotic and intense.  After all, potatoes and peppers weren’t a normal fare.  Could you imagine biting into a pepper, feeling the heat and burn and wondering if you’d just bit into hell itself?  The trust you’d have to have in another.  I always wondered especially about the Kings and Queens.  How easy would it have been for an assassination attempt when bringing “exotic” foods and plants back.  I know…I’ve been watching too many documentaries about the rise and fall of kingdoms. 🙂

The kids really enjoyed them too.  Tyler loved all the navigational things.  Making the magnet was probably the coolest thing as was the knots.  I was REALLY afraid I’d walk in the room and he’d have the girls hogtied.  He didn’t…as far as I know.  Rhea loved the clothes, the sea monsters and mermaids, and the freedom to make her own lapbook.  Sunshine loved that she could participate too.  She colored a lot, made her own flags, sea creatures, maps, helped with cutting out the explorers for the timeline and placing them where they should go.  She also loved when the kids would read to her about the explorers and she enjoyed sharing new words she learned from the vocabulary with family.  (Oh yeah…score 1 for the homeschoolers. 😉 )

Good luck and enter the rafflecopter below so you can win!  The giveaway runs until Wednesday October 16th at 11:59pm EST.


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  1. Danielle Fish says:

    too bad this contest is over – would have loved to have entered.

    • Hey Danielle, Sign up for email updates so you won’t miss any of the many more Homeschool In The Woods giveaways to come! 🙂


  2. Patty wright says:

    My kids are grown and out of school

    • This would be great to give to grandbabies, a friend with little ones who love history…anyone with a love for history! 🙂


  3. kesha says:

    I love that the kids seem interested in it!

    • Oh they were totally into it. Bub’s become a little shy about sharing his work but Rhea and Sunshine love it. They’re all little geeky history kiddos like me so we LOVE all things history, hands on and messy fun.


  4. Cristy S says:

    I’ve heard good things about these studies; I hope to be further ahead in my planning so I can use one next year.

    • They’re so awesome! They’re good with other history curriculum and on their own. I love how they also work with documentaries and autobiographies too. They’re the bomb diggity!! You HAVE to get them. You’ll be SOOOO glad you did. 🙂


  5. Randa says:

    I personally love history! So, when I tell others about I tend to be more animated and hopefully getting them pumped about it too!

    • Fellow history geek! 😉 Have you seen Homeschool In the Woods other kits? I’m excited about the History Timelines and doing the plague. For some reason…I really like learning about it. I know…so morbid. 😉


  6. Su Ann says:

    I think the giveaways are great! thx

  7. We LOVE history at our house! A favorite thing is visiting National Parks and doing the Junior Rangers, we all learn lots, and the kids have a blast 🙂

    • Oh we LOVE nature walks here. We visit our local parks often. I would LOVE to see all the National Parks one summer! I can just imagine walking through and giving the kids a true understanding of what explorers experienced throughout history. ~Honey

  8. I love the exciting stories of history.

  9. We love to use living books and hands-on projects like this for history.

  10. We love history here! Enjoy doing lots of hands on projects with the boys. Great giveaway! 🙂

  11. I enjoy all the living books that you can find. It’s a joy to sit and read good books 🙂

  12. My kids love history and I have trouble finding things that are age appropriate!

  13. Linda Salter says:

    I just love homeschooling in the woods

  14. Mabel says:

    I love seeing how it fits together and not skipping around.

  15. Susan Mullens says:

    History is my favorite recently the book “The Bomb” tied in so much learning of World War 2. I should pull my timeline out and make one for this book using Homeschool in the Woods figures.

  16. My guys are still young but I look forward to teaching them history!

  17. Math was my favorite subject and History the least….. I love watching Historical films, I don’t like teaching the subject,

  18. I LOVE teaching history because I love when my kids make connections between what happened then, and what’s happening now. This is ESPECIALLY obvious, I think, with American history.

  19. I love teaching history, and it’s my kids’ favorite subject. I feel like my history education as a young person was really limited. There was so much I didn’t understand about World History and even American History (I’m a Canadian), so I am really enjoying learning along with my children. We all love curling up together and reading living books, but having a hands-on element like this one makes it even more fun!

  20. Can we participate? We are not from the USA. Thanks for sharing. Look very cool.

  21. I love history, the stories and ideas. We do literature based history with truthquest and love it. I also use much of homeschool in the Wood resource and have found them to be top quality.

    • Homeschool In the Woods REALLY has great stuff. I saw them at GHC this year and was blown away by all the “show what you know” and “play based learning” they used. Loved that I could add it to any History curriculum or use it to totally design our own be it unschool-Montessori-traditional-Charlotte Mason style. Plus…they’re REALLY affordable.

  22. AWESOME! I really love teaching history. I think this would be a great tool. Sounds so fun and amazing.

    • It really is fun. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids. Everyone had fun and found lots to do no matter where they were on the learning journey. 🙂 ~Honey


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