“Keurig My K Cup” and win a Keurig B40.

Keurig Coffee.  K cups.  These are coffee words that have entered my life since my coffee addiction started this summer.  I even heard a woman say,

“Oh, I always Keurig my K cup.”

I’m still not sure what it means but it sounded very sure and maybe a bit illegal in some states.

I thought coffee was brewed with hot water and fresh ground beans and added to a french press.  But…it’s not the best way to have your morning caffinatinly delicious coffee and cream from what I’ve learned and heard.  Apparently….the Keurig, k cup coffees, and Keurig reusable [if you’re environmentally friendly like us] “can take ditch water and turn it into coffee nectar.”  (Yes, that’s a total quote from a dude at Costco when I was checking them out.)

To the point!!  I’m hanging out with some other bloggers here and we’re offering you guys a chance to win the Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System.  We all chipped in on this mechanical enabler.  Allow me to introduce you… (I felt all fancy saying that!)

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 I still haven’t fully decided if I’m going to get one.  What are your thoughts?  If you are a “whole foodie” how does it fit in with your kitchen?  I know I’d get the Keurig reusable cup thingy ’cause I couldn’t stand to see a bunch of non-recyclable trash.  But…I just don’t know!  Good luck and fill out the rafflecopter for a chance to win. 🙂

  Keurig My K Cup

Enter to win below:

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About Honey Rowland

Organic since it was a dirty hippie word is an easy way to understand me. With 3 kiddos (7, 14, and 16) and one bearded hubby I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, rabbits and Great Pyrenees livestock guardians on our organically ran mini farm in Ohio. A bull calf and heritage breed pigs have recently been added, along with an impending move into our less than 600 sq ft tiny home that's more and more off grid with each solar panel we buy.

Homeschooling, green living, self-sufficiency and natural parenting (but with yelling) is the norm here. Any skipping through the tulips tends to end with a face plant in chicken or duck poo but being a "glass half full" kind of gal I can smile 'cause the poo is organic and non-gmo! Stop by and see more at HoneysLife.com


  1. Too bad I missed this. My husband has been wanting one of these. I’m actually considering getting one for his birthday.

    Stopping by from 100 Blog Challenge

    • Maybe you can surprise him with a Keurig for father’s day! Costco still has them and they even sell organic coffee to use.
      Speaking of…I need some more coffee. 😉


  2. My hubby bought me a Keurig for Valentines Day and I just love it. Best gift ever :). I really need to look into the reusable cup thingy you mentioned I didn’t know about that. Stopping by from BYB

    • The reusable cup is great because it saves you money and the environment by keeping trash out of the landfill.

      And, thanks for participating in the #BB100 challenge! 🙂


  3. Just entered!! Thanks for the giveaway! I have been hearing crazy good stuff about these. And I’m with you on the reusable cup! Have a great night 🙂

    –Ashley @ PioneerMomma.com


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