Headbands of Hope Review and Giveaway

Win a Ruby Red Headband!

1. Ruby Red 2. Navy 3. Candy Cane

Earlier this year I met the owner of a company called, Headbands of Hope.  This company creates headbands which help little “girls to keep their feminine identity and have a constant reminder that they’re not alone” as they fight childhood cancer.

Jessica was only only 20 years old when she interned at the Make-A-Wish Foundation which is where she she saw a need and created Headbands of Hope.  I met her as we sat eating dinner I teased her, asking if she was breaking curfew.  This gal is young, secure, and has a giving heart.  Her giving heart means that for every headband sold $1 is donated to St. Baldricks Foundation to support childhood cancer research and a little girl battling cancer gets a headband.

I bought a few headbands a few months ago for my girls and they love them.  The bands have a bit of a sheen and are soft and wide.  I would even feel comfy putting them on a baby with their delicate little heads.  I love these bands so much I asked Jessica and she is offering you a chance to win a band for your own!

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  1. I like most of them. I espec love that money is given to such a great cause!

    • I know! 🙂 It’s like double dipping but in a positive way as you get a goodie, a little gal gets a goodie AND some money goes to research….I guess that’s triple dippin’ then! 😉

  2. Wow! pretty headbands, I like the black diamond ones they would look great with a cute little black evening dress.

    • Honey says:

      I KNOW!!! I love that vine one…I think it’s screaming for me to take it on a New Years Eve party. 😉


  3. They are so cute!

  4. I love them. Would like to get a few as gifts.

  5. What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing.

  6. Jackie B says:

    This is great! I’m 28 and have had my head shaved numerous times for brain surgeries (more to come). I don’t have a brain tumor, but I have a neurological condition that acts like one; similar symptoms. Instead of wearing my wig, I wear cute headbands or bandanas. It is much easier, fun, and can be switched out to match my outfit!

    • Jackie B says:

      By the way I love all of the headbands, but I think my favorites are the glitter ones!

    • Honey says:

      I hope the rest of the surgeries go very well and good luck! You’re the second gal that’s mentioned the glitter ones are her favorite! 🙂 ~Honey

  7. I love them all, especially anything pink and sparkly!

    • Honey says:

      Ahhh…you like the bling! 😉 Did you check out the vine? It’s black and a bit sparkly but lovely!

  8. You guys are the best! Reading your comments and this giveaway totally made my day. Thank you Honey for your support!

  9. I love them all! And her! Such a beautiful young lady- inside and out! The same as the beautiful little girls she brings Hope to. My teenage nieces loved the headbands I bought them (black and pink/white polka dot).

    • I known isn’t she adorable! 🙂 I’ve got to get the girls a few more and I’m wanting my own!


  10. I met Jessica as well and she is very impressive. I am a cancer survivor myself. I did not have to go through chemo so I did not lose my hair. However, one of my close friends (who has since passed) did have to go through chemo and I think losing femininity is definitely a concern for women and going through such a thing. I think Jessica has done what any great entrepreneur does: she found a solution to a problem. What’s even better is that she found a way to be charitable while solving it!


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