Grow your blog with the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge

Information to grow your blog with channels like twitter, pinterest, and instagram is a no brainer must do to grow but often times we don’t have the know how or the time to learn how to make it happen.  So, I’m talking one day to my friend and she tells me about an idea she had to help our blogs grow while helping others grow and with that the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days (or #BB100 ) was born.

Tweet: Join me and grow your blog with #BB100

Grow your blog with Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge aka #BB100.

That friend was Thaleia, our mighty coordinator from Something2Offer, and we found a few other bloggers to share with you the areas we have expertise in.  We’ve attended conferences to develop our blogs and our clients’ blogs  and we want to share what we’ve learned to help you grow your blog grow too.  So,  in only 100 days you’ll run your channels like a BOSS! 😉

The series will cover multiple 10 day series like; Topics to blog about, Twitter, SEO/Keywords, Pinterest and getting more traffic.  So check it out, sign up to receive emails so you don’t miss anything and join me and the other snazzy gals and we’ll grow your blog with the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge!

Why did Thaleia choose 100 Days? In her own words she said.. ‘Well, to be honest I am a very, very busy mom of 4 children 11 years and under.  I do not have extra time to spend laboring over by blog and Social Media.  I want results and habits that can transform the limited time I have into something incredible.  Spreading out 10 challenges over 10 days each just sounds better to me. Spending just 10-15 minutes a day versus an hour or two makes more sense to me.  Easing into each new challenge should help create a habit a little easier.  This will also give you a  better understanding of why a particular challenge should be done daily or weekly and how it has helped you.’

Remember, anyone can participate.  You can do one or all 10 challenges at your own pace or follow along with us and get the most bang for your buck. 🙂

Meet the Hostesses:

honey 400Honey Rowland, (that’s me!) blogs at Honeys Life about homeschooling, family life and green living.  With a passion for self sufficiency and natural, special needs parenting you’ll learn about everything from natural, local foods to essential oils and homeopathy to gardening and farm life. Honey has also turned the constant ‘talks too much’ report card comments into a home business. She runs social media while obtaining new sponsors and advertisers for herself and other bloggers. So whether you’re curious about chickens or children, ask…’cause she’s dabbled and babbled in just about everything

Michelle Simplify Live loveMichelle Marine blogs at Simplify, Live, Love where she shares down to earth tips for the thoughtful mama. Michelle. along with her husband, 4 kids and a bunch of animals, lives sustainably in barn on 5 acres in rural Eastern Iowa. Michelle is an avid gardener and from-scratch cook of real food; she cans produce, homeschools, and teaches community college classes in addition to blogging. Her husband is building their forever home to the German Passive House standards and they plan to live off grid yet still enjoy modern conveniences. Simplify, Live, Love chronicles their attempts to live sustainably and strives to remind people to live simply and frugally yet still enjoy life.

MartielMartiel Beatty from Amazing Success Academy specializes in helping artists build online businesses and blogs. She is a fiber artist, expert blogger, author of Blog Notes, and GIMP Wizard. She is also the founder of Sewmantra and started the Academy because she couldn’t find an affordable, knowledgeable and effective program that supported handmade, indie-artists. Find out how she can help you build your business today. Learn More Now!

lisa familyLisa Nelson from The Squishable Baby focuses on creating positive learning experiences through everyday life. I believe that learning about – and respecting diversity, different religions, other cultures, charity, and our environment – through play, through crafts, through lessons, through giving – will not only produce more empathetic children and adults – but will put a child on a path to a love of lifelong learning.

Thaleia 300 lightThaleia Maher blogs at Something 2 Offer where she is generous in giving advice and helping others find free resources that meet their needs; be it for homeschool or life! She is a BIG researcher who wants to encourage families on their homeschool journey. Wife to high school sweetheart. Mother of four (including 2 little reds!), Sister, Daughter, Christ-Follower, Talkative, Creative. Hoping to figure this whole life, blogger, social media thing out! So be sure to keep tabs on her journey of life.

Days 1-10: Leave 100 Comments with Thaleia begins Feb 15.

Days 11-20: Grammar Mistakes Bloggers Make with Michelle

Days 21-30: Using Twitter with Honey

Days 31-40: Topics for 100 Blog Posts with Martiel

Will reveal more soon! So stay tuned! Want an email reminder when a new Boost Your Blog challenge goes live ? Sign-up!   So join in and learn along with us as we share how we’re actively working and earning incomes with our blogs.

Don’t just sit there: tell your friends, tweet about it, share on Facebook, pin this post, add it to your !


About Honey Rowland

Organic since it was a dirty hippie word is an easy way to understand me. With 3 kiddos (7, 14, and 16) and one bearded hubby I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, rabbits and Great Pyrenees livestock guardians on our organically ran mini farm in Ohio. A bull calf and heritage breed pigs have recently been added, along with an impending move into our less than 600 sq ft tiny home that's more and more off grid with each solar panel we buy.

Homeschooling, green living, self-sufficiency and natural parenting (but with yelling) is the norm here. Any skipping through the tulips tends to end with a face plant in chicken or duck poo but being a "glass half full" kind of gal I can smile 'cause the poo is organic and non-gmo! Stop by and see more at


  1. Thank you so much for helping put this together for us. It has been awesome getting to see other blogs and meeting new people. There are so many amazing bloggers I have come across so far this is just awesome. I am having a blast

    • It’s been fun and pretty enjoyable so you’re welcome Tamara! It’s awesome to hear you are having a good time too!

      ~ Honey

  2. I am so glad that you and the other hostesses decided to do this challenge. I’m finding so many new blogs that I’ve added to my must read list. I can’t wait to see what else I’m going to learn from this.

    • That’s great TaMara! It’s wonderful to hear you’re finding new blogs to read. Discovering new blogs are one of the things I enjoy about #BB100 and other challenges. Holler if you’ve a question. We’re all excited to help out. 🙂

  3. Love that you helped make this happen. I think it’s a great opportunity for people like me who really don’t know what they’re doing but want to figure it out…looking forward to all the great stuff I’m going to learn

    • Thank you Alanna! As I’ve been learning and growing I’ve had others help me and answer questions along the way. I think it’s only right and natural to continue sharing that information and passing it on. 🙂 Holler if there’s something you’re currently struggling with. Maybe we can help you with an answer.


  4. Honey, I’m so glad I saw your post on FB about this challenge. It looks like it is divided into small enough tasks that I can accomplish each day.
    We met in 2012 at the BloggyMoms conference. It looks like you have made great strides in your online activities. Congrats!

    • I’m HORRIBLE with names Merri but I do good with faces and I do remember you there! 🙂 I’ve been working hard to learn and grow and I’ve attended 6? conferences since I started in 2012? Are you going to be at #BloggyCon14 in Sandusky? I’ve done ’12 and ’13 and I’m planning ’14 too. It’s very family friendly as you’re at the park!!

      I’m glad you’re going to join! We have worked hard to make them daily tasks as I know with me I’ve a tendency to work on my client’s work first and I leave my blog to sit. Shameful I know!! So daily easy tasks are helping ME to start putting my own stuff first as as I better myself I’ll be able to afford more conferences and I’ll be able to help my clients more! 😉


  5. Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to learning more -and discovering new blogs to follow, and find new friends in the process!

  6. stopping by as part of the challenge. having a lot of fun with it! nice to “meet” you…looking forward to following your blog!

    • Thanks Rachel! It’s nice to meet you too! 🙂 I liked that graphic t you had as a valentines post the other day. I saw it when you were one of the 10 to comment on! 🙂


  7. thanks for organzing the comment challenge! was there an e-mail that went out with a list of participating blogs? It seems everyone has found me but I’m not sure how to find them, other than through the links from the comments on my blog. Thanks again! I’m loving the challenge!

    • Shelly there was an email sent out to everyone. It was sent to the email you used to sign up with. All you need to do is hop over to Thaleia’s blog at and go to the first post about the comments. Each day she’s shared 10 people for you to go and comment on their blogs. I believe we’re on day 4 so hit up day 4 today and start commenting on the others. It’ll take you a little bit but it’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂

      And, I’m so excited you’re enjoying the challenge! That’s exactly what we all wanted to happen!

  8. I am really enjoying discovering new blogs (like yours!) during this challenge. I also love that the pace of it all is not too overwhelming.

    • Everyone can eat a bear. You just gotta take one bite at a time. 😉

      That’s why it was set up as a daily “to do” so every day there was a task to accomplish that would help you grow.
      Holler if you’ve any questions or suggestions.


  9. Thanks so much for being on of the co-hosts for this blogging challenge! I’m really looking forward to learning more and improving my blog and I’m always loving checking out new blogs and spreading the comment love! 🙂

  10. Hello from the Boost your blog challenge!

    • Hi from Honey’s house! Waves back**
      How is the #BB100 coming along for you? Is it something you’re enjoying? I know I am! I’m meeting new people and just really enjoying being a part of a circle of learning which helps everyone grow. After all information should be shared and never hoarded. 🙂


  11. I am loving the 100 Day Blog Challenge. Though I have to say, reading 10 blog posts and making 10 comments, takes more than 10-15 minutes a day : ) However, I have found it to be worth the effort. Thanks for helping bring this into fruition.

    • Machelle, You’ll get faster at it don’t worry and even if it takes 10 minutes a comment growing and learning together makes it definitely an experience that will help your blog grow and improve your seo. Be sure to check out the post I’ve coming up about how to write a comment that will improve the keywords and seo of who you’re commenting on and also your own. 🙂


      • I agree it is worth the investment – I just can’t imagine being able to read 10 blog posts and make 10 thoughtful comments in 10 minutes. That’s one per minute. They would have to be very short posts and very short comments. Nevertheless, I am committed.

        I look forward to your post about keywords and seo’s.

  12. I completely lost track of this and didn’t notice until the comments started appearing on my blog *blush* I don’t know what happened…haven’t received emails but I found the page and am visiting the blogs.

    • Marya, I hear ya! I find sometimes things suddenly pop up that I’ve forgotten. 😉 I believe the only email sent out was to get you started but you’ve found Thaleia’s blog at so you’ll catch up on the commenting posts soon. Be sure to sign up for the email notifications with Thaleia for her posts and with the other hostess for their posts.


  13. Thanks for stopping by!!

    • You’re welcome Jennifer! I enjoyed your post over the space virtual trips. 🙂 I had to look up some more info over virtual trips! 🙂


  14. Hi Honey. Thanks so much for co-hosting the boost challenge. This has been so much fun. I can’t wait to see what else in in store for us. I’ll be following you by bloglovin. Have a great weekend.

    I Create Purty Thangs

  15. Link to Something to Offer gets a 404… But let me know when it’s working… would love to participate 🙂

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