Meet our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Puppies!

Meet the Fantastic Five our great pyrenees puppies Livestock Guardian Dogs #HoneysPyrs #LGD

We have 2 amazing Great Pyrenees dogs that guard our mini farm.  They protect our animals, our property and our children. We have plans to move from our mini-farm to something that can will allow us to be completely self sufficient and farm in a truly biodynamic and closed loop system.   However, the addition […]

How #BigGreenGiveaway helps with Living Green, Healthy & Organic.

We are a walking, talking and living green, healthy and organic family.  I often joke and say we’ve been organic since it was a dirty hippie word.  We started out organic as we grew our own veggies using raised bed methods, compost and leaves I stole from the neighborhoods at night. 😉  I returned to […]

Shake it like it’s hot with #FlipBelt! Review

How #flipbelt is helping me loose weight and get my chores and work done more efficiently.

With the new year I decided to make my health a priority. I’m having a migraine about every other day and I’m on medication for it.  I know my migraines are stress related so I’m working to make stress less of an issue.  Being overweight is a stresser for me.  The more I sit at […]

Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ/Baking/ Review

Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Baking Review HoneysLife #Aylsiliconeglove

I was excited to get a pair of these Silicon Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves for Bub, my oldest, as he has a tendency to not notice temperatures due to his sensory issues.  I thought they would give him the freedom to learn more about baking without fear of being burnt while giving me the comfort […]

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits at

Diatomaceous Earth health benefits are MANY! What is Diatomaceous Earth? Studies show it improves low bone density, lowers cholesterol, and may cure e.coli.  Not to mention it provides trace minerals which assist the body with utilization of vitamins & minerals which improves your overall health. Since DE is made of silica, a building block of bones, hair, teeth […]