Eco laundry tips for the going green budget

Eco laundry tips for the going green budget

  Going green, budget friendly, eco laundry tips may sound like an oxymoron.  After all…the greenest washer & dryer I’ve coveted seen is the LG Titan Mega Washer and Dryer that’s well, …let’s talk about them later on. (Does anyone else think if you had that “Titan” washer & dryer you’d be able to claim doing mountains […]

Crystal Wash Review

Laundry + Stormtrooper (pre dark side) = Crystal Wash

Laundry.  It’s a never ending cycle and I always feel money is going down the drain.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  It was just too punny.  I’d buy organic laundry soap so the clothes are clean and the grey water is safe too.  Then I realized if I bought bulk supplies I could make my […]

Deer Creek State Park; the DO Park.

Reconnect with your family at Ohio States Deer Creek Park

After visiting Mohican State Park Lodge we were invited to visit and blog about another of Ohio’s State Parks; Deer Creek State Park.  This park is my favorite get out and DO park so far! We spent three days there.  Three days on the lake kayaking, wake boarding, falling into the lake, laughing so hard […]

Nutrigold Whole-Food Men’s Multi Vitamin Review

Hippocrates said it best when he recommended letting food be your medicine.  But, sometimes it’s hard to get everything you need to eat.  Nutrigold sent me their Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin Gold for Men in exchange for an honest review.  I gave them to my hubby Ben.  We noticed a big difference too. Ben, my hubby, […]

Nutrigold Coconut Oil Review

Anyone who knows me knows I love Coconut Oil.  It’s a wonder really at how useful and healing it is.  So, I was excited to receive a nice sized jar of Nutrigold Coconut Oil in exchange for an honest review. The short and sweet of it is’s coconut oil.  Smells like coconut oil.  Tastes […]