Nutrigold Whole-Food Men’s Multi Vitamin Review

Hippocrates said it best when he recommended letting food be your medicine.  But, sometimes it’s hard to get everything you need to eat.  Nutrigold sent me their Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin Gold for Men in exchange for an honest review.  I gave them to my hubby Ben.  We noticed a big difference too. Ben, my hubby, […]

Nutrigold Coconut Oil Review

Anyone who knows me knows I love Coconut Oil.  It’s a wonder really at how useful and healing it is.  So, I was excited to receive a nice sized jar of Nutrigold Coconut Oil in exchange for an honest review. The short and sweet of it is’s coconut oil.  Smells like coconut oil.  Tastes […]

Mohican State Park

Family Fun at Ohio's Mohican State Park and Lodge.

We were recently invited by Ohio’s Mohican State Park Lodge to come and spend a few days at the park and share it with my readers.  I said yes as it was a much-needed getaway and we are visiting all of Ohio’s State Parks before we move away.  We were there for 3 days and  […]

Meet our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Puppies!

Meet the Fantastic Five our great pyrenees puppies Livestock Guardian Dogs #HoneysPyrs #LGD

We have 2 amazing Great Pyrenees dogs that guard our mini farm.  They protect our animals, our property and our children. We have plans to move from our mini-farm to something that can will allow us to be completely self sufficient and farm in a truly biodynamic and closed loop system.   However, the addition […]

How #BigGreenGiveaway helps with Living Green, Healthy & Organic.

We are a walking, talking and living green, healthy and organic family.  I often joke and say we’ve been organic since it was a dirty hippie word.  We started out organic as we grew our own veggies using raised bed methods, compost and leaves I stole from the neighborhoods at night. 😉  I returned to […]