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Clean and Well Loved

 Love is always better when it’s real.  Soap is the same way.  So here is some Valentine Day news that’s good all year long and perfect for those you love. When Soaptopia asked if I’d share my opinion, I said yes, and they sent me their $32 5-Soap Bubble Box at no charge. The nose […]

Close Nutritional Gaps with MegaFood Vitamins #ad #megapledge @megafood

I’m researching the best vitamin mineral supplements as lately health has taken a back seat to survival.  I’m tired and overwhelmed being a sole parent now that Ben passed away.  I realized the kids have only 1 living parent now, so I’ve GOT to put my health as a priority now.  After all, what’s the […]

Eco laundry tips for the going green budget

  Going green, budget friendly, eco laundry tips may sound like an oxymoron.  After all…the greenest washer & dryer I’ve coveted seen is the LG Titan Mega Washer and Dryer that’s well, …let’s talk about them later on. (Does anyone else think if you had that “Titan” washer & dryer you’d be able to claim doing mountains […]

Crystal Wash Review

Laundry.  It’s a never ending cycle and I always feel money is going down the drain.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  It was just too punny.  I’d buy organic laundry soap so the clothes are clean and the grey water is safe too.  Then I realized if I bought bulk supplies I could make my […]