All Organized eBundle

All Organized eBundle from about organizing, working from home (#blogger & #directSale), schedule, cleaning & mom support.

I love ebooks and I especially love ebundles because of the great deal I get and I want to share a great one with you.  This ebundle is about organizing and spring cleaning your home, schedule and home based business! In these 23 eBooks, you’ll find tips, support and know-how about working from home, cleaning, […]

Hashtag: Definition, Tips and How To

Hashtag definition tips and how to from HoneysLife  BB100

A hashtag definition is a hashtag (#) plus a word or phrase that acts as a keyword or searchable topic in a tweet. A hashtag is a way to track info as it happens (ie #hurricaneSandy), to see who has shared under the hashtag (#giveaway like in a giveaway) and to see who is using it or what interests or events […]

Twitter tips! Free Twitter Tips!

#BB100 Twitter Tips Free Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips!  Free Twitter Tips! Be sure to pin this for a reminder and tweet it for others. In this series of the Boost Your Blog Challenge we’ll work to grow your blog with twitter.  I LOVE twitter.  It’s one of my top 3 favorite social media channels and I earn an income using it […]

How to Prep for a Conference with Children

Prep for a conference with your kiddos

A conference is a great way to grow your blog with kids.  They offer a unique perspective and through them you can gauge how your kiddo will enjoy a product before it’s bought.  Then again they can make you wish you’d left them shackled to their bed.  The best way to make it a positive […]

Grow Your Blog with Proper Commenting

Grow your blog with comments and the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge

Commenting is an easy way to grow your blog with the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge.  It allows you to support what the blogger is writing about which will increase their seo and keywords.  And, since you’re linked to that same comment via Comment Luv you’re helping your own seo. How to write […]

Grow your blog with the Boost Your Blog in 100 Days Challenge

Information to grow your blog with channels like twitter, pinterest, and instagram is a no brainer must do to grow but often times we don’t have the know how or the time to learn how to make it happen.  So, I’m talking one day to my friend and she tells me about an idea she […]

Mamavation Bootcamp Vlog

In only about 18months I’ve put on over 100lbs.  I tip the scales at 249lbs and I’m 5’1″.  I’m obese because I parked my butt in front of the computer and haven’t been working much on our farm, gardening or playing with the kids.     In November, I joined Mamavation’s #2WeekChallenge where I lost […]

Montessori Christmas at Five Freebie Friday

It’s 5 Freebie Friday Linky and Giveaway of Montessori Christmas printables for kids, holidays and household freebies.  Everyone loves Friday’s, Freebies and 5 just makes the alliteration fun!  Ebooks, printables, planners, you name it if it involves teaching children or home & family, it’s FREE and YOU created it and it’s NOT a giveaway, then […]

Five Freebie Friday Linky & Giveaway 2

5 Freebie Friday Christmas Linky with Montessori Giveaway at

It’s 5 Freebie Friday Linky & Giveaway II! Remember that It’s a link up of printables for kids, holiday planners, teacher printables and freebies.  Because everyone loves Friday’s, Freebies and 5 just makes the alliteration fun!  Right before Thanksgiving, Thaleia, of Something2Offer, had an amazing idea to share our favorite 5 Friday Freebies with ya’ll every […]

Handmade Advent Calendar Ideas

Handmade Advent Calendar Ideas

  ‘Round here handmade advent calendar ideas are it. Either you make it yourself or you buy one made by another momma.  You won’t see any little people advent calendars on the hearth.  I don’t like store bought or mass produced because I don’t believe the love’s in it.  I thought I’d share some of […]